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There is so much Rob rambling I'm not sure what the hell is going on, which is your style. Some of the animation looks great and some looks a little awkward. But you are figuring it out. Some of the effects look really good. Some backgrounds and angles too. I like the HOTM looking eyes on the ghost. Overall I like the style. Voices were really good. Tiny Tim was awesome. You just lost me in the rambling. I think you would do good with a series of reoccurring characters. People would know the characters and you could just get to the story points.

Rob loves his rambling. You have more fans than me so you obviously know what you're doing. I'd just love to see more story than rambling. That's just me. You do what you do. There's nothing wrong with it. These are just my opinions. Keep it up. You will only improve with each cartoon.

Not sure how you keep motivated. It is a struggle for me with anything I do. But I miss making cartoons. I just want to be finished with other peoples' projects and work on my own again. Looks like you are having fun. I envy you. Though you have to work at shit you don't want to as well you still make time for projects. Not me. It get too overwhelmed. Now I am rambling like one of Rob's cartoons. I'm out. Peace be with you.

Bobert-Rob responds:

Hey, I like the rambling. OBVIOUSLY, haha. It's all good. This one was definitely a rambler. And with my new style of animation, the lipsync wasn't a colossal chore! That was a surprise in itself. Usually that's the most annoying part, but I was able to blow through like 8 minutes of three characters' lipsync in the span of like three days. It was nuts.

Thanks for watching, man, I'm glad you dug it. It was a bit heavy in the dialog, but that's just how this script ended up. It was a nice challenge for myself, so I wouldn't expect every animation I do from now on to be that drenched in dialog. I mean, every now and then it will be I'm sure, but I like to mix it up. Or I'm gonna try to.

Peace, bro!

Lip sync was really good. Some of Kevin's dad's (killer's) animation looked a little strange with the arms and head. But overall I like where the style is going. Comic had some good comedy bits too that I found could also be inside jokes. Keep it up. But take a break to watch South Park now and then.

Bobert-Rob responds:

Yeah, I noticed the weirdness there in some of his arm animations too. Most of the weird parts were because of the program and my attempts to use a touch screen to animate limbs. Gotta figure out how to do that better. Still, a valiant second effort in Character Animator. Thanks for the review, Mr. Wells! South Park shall indeed happen.

I've been watching Beebo since high school. We used to quote it all the time in the early 2000's. It's good to know they are still as funny now as they were then. I wish you would make more. But I know life gets in the way of me making cartoons a lot too. Congrats on all your Newgrounds success. Livin' the dream, bud.

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