Win a Free DVD and more!

2013-07-21 09:55:47 by fartoons

If you guys can help me reach 50 fans on Newgrounds I will give away a free DVD, calendar and photo of The Wish Fish Family. All fans will have a chance at winning. Also be sure to like FARToons on Facebook. Thanks again for your support.

FARToons Productions

Win a Free DVD and more!


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2013-07-22 06:11:09

Cool, I'm in the voting pool already! Calendars are very cool, because they'll work for more than one year sometimes (minus the year date, of course). Think I'm using a 2011 in the kitchen... got old cars on it, and the numbers and days of teh week match up, so, it's all good.


2013-08-05 10:17:20

Sounds like a fun initiative! I'll follow.