Updating Cartoons

2013-07-18 08:23:25 by fartoons

I am in the process of updating all my cartoons from SWF to AVI files. This means there will be no more lag.


Updating Cartoons


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2013-07-19 06:01:02

I guess I've taken you and your work for granted, whoops. Still can't understand why you don't have more fans, since you obviously embody the true spirit of Newgrounds with your work.

Hopefully with this double shot of premium content you've submitted, the fickle kids who come here will actually take note of your hard work. So you guys will be making a DVD, sweet! I'm reasonably sure Tom and pals would be happy to add it to the NG Store when it's completed.

fartoons responds:

Thanks for your support! It is greatly appreciated!