Merely Meerkats

2012-06-07 22:19:34 by fartoons

Since I can't actually post my cartoon Merely Meerkats on Newgrounds because the final edit was done in Adobe Premiere, I decided I'd post the YouTube video here. - Merely Meerkats follows the lives of Floyd and his alcoholic friend Ferdy who were banished from their meerkat communities and destined to become oddball roommates. Floyd and Ferdy experiment with the dangers of drugs, alcohol, love, and sex along side their pals Bruce the gay cobra, Deke the stoner mongoose, and Gus the anti-social meerkat.

In the pilot episode entitled "You Booze, You Lose", Floyd and Ferdy get extremely wasted on scorpion venom at a night club and are kicked out. The two roommates bet to see who can go the longest without drinking. Floyd has no problem staying off the wagon while Ferdy becomes a total wreck without booze in his life.

Merely Meerkats is the creation of Ryan Wells & Ben Triola and is written by Ryan Wells.


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2012-06-08 20:49:37

why don't you use the new Video Uploader?
It allows for non .swfs.

fartoons responds:

Where is it at? Is it the file sharing option?


2012-06-09 10:45:12

I don't know what file extension comes from Adobe Primere, but Blender (free!) has a built in video sequence editor, and could convert the file to .swf.


2012-11-10 12:46:05

Is there a public access channel in your cable TV lineup? Might be worth checking it out. You could be the Walt Disney of your local community (how fucked up is that?)