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Looking forward to the new episode, regardless of where it's premiered! Fish In A Barrel should've scored better, I guess kids these days want more flash in their sit-coms... and yet, http://thehill.com/blogs/in-the-know/in-the-know/380779-roseanne-barr-on-conversation-with-trump-hes-just-happy-for-me

Dunno if I've said this before, but writing reviews and taking an interest in the challenges of other producers here, would not go amiss. These aren't the good old days of the internet, where content producers can let their work speak for them, and expect a decent turnout. Plus, reviewing other people's work, helps. Maybe karma has a little play in it all, idk.

Even if your expectations for ad-rev and internet fame are well within reason (lol), wouldn't you feel a little better telling people, directly, they: suck/pretty good/can I have your children? I know you put a lot into each episode, casual observers won't notice it, because they suck.

Fuck it, anyway, wishing you and the Wish Fish all the fame, fortune and peace of mind you can handle!

Thanks, man. I was just thinking about how I need to watch more stuff on here and interact more. I just don't watch much on the internet or on TV in general. I appreciate the suggestions and wishes. You're awesome! And yeah, kids these days suck. The internet in general does. If I had created this when Flash was first introduced they'd have been more popular. I'm either ahead of my time or behind it. I dunno, because no one ever seems to care about my stuff. Maybe because it's so crappy looking. I am not that talented so I can't pull off anything much better, though I have much bigger ideas than Wish Fish Family.

Glad you made this a front page tagged post Ryan. I'm very proud to have all your DVD's in my collection, it's been a pleasure!

Bigger ideas are good, I think you're quite capable of compelling content with a deep narrative, above and beyond what you've produced so far. That's kinda the other reason I mentioned viewing and reviewing content here... ever see animators work on Twitch? Zone-sama has been working on a new Z-TV episode, such fucking painstaking work smh

I watched one of their Ghostbusters cartoons and the animation was incredible, but the content was not exactly my taste. Unfortunately I am very picky about what I like to watch. It makes no sense because my cartoons are such crap themselves. Oh well. It is what it is. I just don't have much patience for watching things unless it's The Walking Dead, South Park or Trailer Park Boys. Well, there's more than that but I'm dumbing it down. I'm not good at reviewing people's work either. I never know what to suggest or to say whether I like it or not. :\

What is Twitch exactly? I've heard of it but thought it was meant to watch people play video games. I don't play video games so I never took the time to check it out.