The Wish Fish Family - Episode 15 Preview

2016-07-21 05:49:10 by fartoons

The Wish Fish Family - Episode 15 - Fetal Attraction

After Harold sees an abortion performed at Dr. Whitey's clinic he decides to become an OB/GYN. He is shocked to find daily violent protests outside the office that threaten not only his job, but the precious lives of the entire medical staff.


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2016-07-22 17:36:06

Ryan, good to see you again! I've had over a year of scurry and strife, but glad you're still in the production game, fighting the good fight.

As to what I'd ask the Wish Fish patriarch... "What were your parents like, where did you live as a child?", "Do you or your wife have any relatives out there?", and/or "Is there anyway you can get your son to join 'Gays for Trump' (or 'Gays for Guns')?"

fartoons responds:

I cancelled "Ask Harold Anything", but there should be a another new episode by the end of August. Here is a teaser: